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Whether you're going on a sunny holiday, a winter adventure, or exploring a new destination, my comprehensive checklists have got you covered. I believe that proper preparation is the key to a stress-free and enjoyable holiday or trip. That's why I've created a collection of checklists to fit every traveler's needs.

From must-haves for a beach getaway to essentials for a snowy escapade, I've compiled checklists to ensure you never miss a thing. Discover my top 10 activities per destination, travel hacks to improve your experience, and practical tips on packing efficiently. Plus, I'll guide you through the essentials for an overseas trip and help you avoid those "oops, I forgot!" moments.


Ensure a seamless trip to Rovaniemi, Finland with our "Suitcase Essentials" checklist. Here are the must-have items from thermal wear to face the Arctic chill, to camera gear for capturing the Northern Lights.

These checklists ensure you never forget any essential item, from clothing and toiletries to travel accessories and documentation. With these checklists, you'll stay organized and be equipped for any destination, allowing you to focus on making incredible memories and exploring your destination hassle-free.

Strand golven
Boven de wolken

Embark on your overseas flight fully prepared with my "What To Bring On An Overseas Flight" checklist. From travel essentials like passports and tickets to in-flight comfort items such as neck pillows and entertainment devices, my comprehensive guide ensures you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable flight. 

Having trouble finding new and fun captions for your next holiday post? Get some inspiration from this list. You will find captions for each kind of holiday, from summer to winter, from city trips to beach holidays and so on.

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