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A Trip to Rovaniemi, Finland: Suitcase Essentials

Ensure a seamless trip to Rovaniemi, Finland with our "Suitcase Essentials" checklist. Here are the must-have items from thermal wear to face the Arctic chill, to camera gear for capturing the Northern Lights.

  • Insulated boots with good grip

  • Insulated jacket (preferably waterproof too)

  • Waterproof or snowproof trousers

  • Thermal underwear and base layers

  • Warm woollen or fleece jumper

  • Warm gloves, scarf and hat

  • Buff

  • Thin thermal gloves (ideal as a base layer under snowmobile gloves)

  • Warm woollen socks

  • Small backpack or rucksack

  • Sunglasses

  • Camera with extra battery pack

  • Tripod if you want to capture the Northern Lights

  • Heat pads for hands and feet

  • Flashlight if you are staying in a wilderness cabin

  • Thermos bottle

  • Swimwear (for sauna or ice swimming)

  • Fire stick or lighter

“Just in case” is the curse of packing. – Alexandra Potter

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